Roberto Alagna® hybrid tea rose

Roberto Alagna® - ADAraquatro

Cupped flower, double, 14 cm in diameter filled with 38/40 yellow petals edged with bright orange-red with a powerful fruity scent. Re-flowering and resistant to diseases, it has a compact size, reaches 80 cm in height. The foliage is bright, dark green; suitable for flower pots. Selected by Adam but, presented by Nirp, it has won the public award Alterarosa (France) in 2016; the international perfume award in Nantes in 2015 and the bronze medal in Lyon in 2014; it is part of the NIRPARFUM® collection.

Roberto Alagna® - ADAraquatro
Rose name Breeder Description
Roberto Alagna® - ADAraquatro Nirp Elegant hybrid tea rose that displays a yellow-orange bloom that exhales a strong fragrance, can be grown in a large container
Price Weight
13,20 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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