Aimée Vibert old rose

Aimée Vibert

The bloom is pure white, double, cupped (3-4 cm in diameter), full (40 petals), with a rosette form and displayed in big bunches. Extremely fragrant, it blooms late in the season. Grows vigorous, with few thorns, strong, to a height of 400-450 cm and a width of 300 cm; the leaves are glossy dark green. It has a moderate disease-resistance and is suitable to be grown in semi-shaded areas or in a large container. Selected by Vibert in 1828.

Aimée Vibert
Rose name Breeder Description
Aimée Vibert Vibert A strong and resistant rosebush with very fragrant white blooms displayed quite late in the season. The Aimée Vibert is quite disease-resistant and is suitable to be cultivated in semi-shaded aeas or pot-grown.
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