Châpeau de Napoléon old rose

Châpeau de Napoléon

The blooms are reclined, pink, double, with a petal count of 26-40, cupped, quartered and very fragrant. The receptacle of the flower ends with fringed sepals that enclose the bud and resembles the bicorne hat usually worn by Napoleon. Grows bushy and strong to a height of 150 cm with a nice foliage, it is quite disease-resistant and semi-shade tolerant. Discovered by Kirsch in 1927 and introduced in France by Vibert in 1928 as "Centifolia Cristata".

Châpeau de Napoléon
Rose name Breeder Description
Châpeau de Napoléon Vibert Châpeau de Napoléon is named after the French statesman and military leader Napoléon Bonaparte. This Old Rose has a pink colour.
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