Dainty Bess old rose

Dainty Bess

A Hybrid Tea rose that belongs to the Chinensis group. Its blooms are simple, medium, with a diameter of 8 cm and 5-6 slightly ruffled at the edge aerial petals; the fragrance is moderate. The stamens are quite visible and have a nice brick-red colour; blooms continuously and the foliage is of a nice light green colour. Grows upright and well-branched to a height of 80-100 cm and a width of 60 cm. It has been selectd in 1925 by Wm. E.B. Archer & Daughter in Great Britain.

Dainty Bess
Rose name Breeder Description
Dainty Bess Archer & Daughter A Hybrid Tea rose with a tender pink colour and visible brick-red stamens.
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