Ghislaine de Féligonde old rose

Ghislaine de Féligonde

The bloom of this rose is light yellow with shades of apricot, it is double, small, 3-4 cm in diameter, with a petal count of 15-25 and it blooms in clusters throughout the season. Very healthy and nearly thornless, grows well-branched to a height of 250-300 cm. It's a strong-scented rambler that is very useful to create a beautiful garden. Selected by Turbat in 1916.

Ghislaine de Féligonde
Rose name Breeder Description
Ghislaine de Féligonde Turbat The Ghislaine de Féligonde is an Old Rose Hybrid Multiflora, climber and repeat-flowering, very strong and with fragrant, yellow-apricot blooms.
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