K��in von D䮥mark ֠Old rose

K��in von D䮥mark ֠New Maiden Blush

Double flower, cupped, quartered, 8 cm in diameter, composed of more than 100 intense pink petals with a superb and delicious perfume. With a very long but unique flowering, it can be defined as the queen (Königin = queen) of Alba roses. It grows bushy, reaching 160 cm in height and 120 cm in width, slightly drooping, it is very resistant to diseases.

Selected by Booth in 1816, it is dedicated to the Queen of Denmark Maria Guglielmina. Initially reproduced in small numbers (1820-1821) it began to be marketed in 1826.

K��in von D䮥mark ֠New Maiden Blush
Rose name Breeder Description
K��in von D䮥mark ֠New Maiden Blush Booth Alba rose, very fragrant and resistant to diseases
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14,80 2,5 kg

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