Mme Gr駯ire Staechelin old rose

Mme Gr駯ire Staechelin

The Mme Grégoire Staechelin rose is a climber selected by Pedro Dot in 1927 and its blooms are large, semi-double, 8 cm in diameter, with a bright pink colour and a delicious fragrance. Very vigorous and highly disease and draught-resistant, it blooms only once but very generously in Spring; in Autumn it produces rose hips. It can grow to a considerable height of 600 cm and spreads up to 300 cm. It has achieved the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Mme Gr駯ire Staechelin
Rose name Breeder Description
Mme Gr駯ire Staechelin Dot The Mme Gr駯ire Staechelin is a climbing Old Rose variety featuring bright pink blooms. It's highly disease-resistant.
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