Adelaide d'Orleans rambling rose

Adelaide d'Orleans

A vigorous and charming rambler with a semi-double, globular, light pink bloom that becomes white when aging, a petal count of 60-80, diameter of 5-6 cm. In Spring it blooms very generously with moderately scented flowers. Grows healthy, elegant and arched to a height of 450-500 cm with a glossy, dark green foliage. It is semi-shade tolerant and quite disease-resistant. Slightly evergreen, it has been selected by Jacques in 1826 and has achieved by the Royal Horticultural Society the Award of Garden Merit.

Adelaide d'Orleans
Rose name Breeder Description
Adelaide d'Orleans Jacques The Adélaide d'Orleans rose can grow to a height of 400-500 cm and in Spring produces a large amount of moderately scented light pink blooms that become white when aging.
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