Félicité et Perpétue rambling rose

Félicité et Perpétue

A reliable and of good quality rambler with blooms that are cupped, globular, white-cream, small, 3-4 cm in diameter and filled with more than 40 petals with a yellow central button; at first the bloom has a rosette form, but then flattens out in big clusters. Healthy, lush and semi-shade tolerant, grows to a height of 600 cm and a width of 300-350 cm. It has a delicate fragrance. Selected by Jacques in 1827; due to its qualities it has been rewarded by the Royal Horticultural Society with the Award of Garden Merit.

Félicité et Perpétue
Rose name Breeder Description
Félicité et Perpétue Jacques The Félicité et Perpétue is a rambling rose with quite small cupped blooms that have a cream colour and a petal count of about 40.
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