Acropolis ® - Meicrado romantic rose

Acropolis ® - Meicrado

Soft hues of pink are blended in the white and greenish petals of this wonderful rose that is especially suitable for compositions and variegated flower bunches; its foliage is dense and the plant grows to a height of 50-70 cm. The blooms are displayed in clusters of 3-5 per stem and have a petal count of 27-30 with a diameter of about 9 cm. Reblooms from May to the first frosts and is an excellent choice for borders and ornamental bushes due to its green, thick foliage, its good disease-resistance and the generous bloomings.

Acropolis ® - Meicrado
Rose name Breeder Description
Acropolis ® - Meicrado Meilland The Acropolis - Meicrado is a truly delicate variety: its pinkish colour and the dense foliage make this rose a perfect choice for gorgeous bouquets.
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