Augusta Luise ® romantic rose

Augusta Luise ®

A classy nostalgic rose with incredible shades of colour: the full and rounded corollas range from pink to apricot with touches of red on the outer petals and strokes of yellow in the center of the flower.

An excellent rose that grows strong and vigorous. The buds are at first red and pink but when fully open (10-12 cm in diameter) they change from pink to orange with slight touches of red towards the edges, while the dense stamens give a touch of yellow to this wonderful combination, with a dark green foliage as a nice backdrop. The plant grows very resistant and with rich and continuous bloomings to a height of 80-120 cm and is excellent for cutting or to be cultivated in mixed flowerbeds or in small groups, best if in fragrant gardens where its fruity fragrance can be better appreciated.

Augusta Luise ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Augusta Luise ® Tantau Rosen The Augusta Luise is a nostalgic rose variety that feautures gorgeous, large blooms with pinkish and orange petals.
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