Baronne de Rothschild ® - Meigriso romantic rose

Baronne de Rothschild ® - Meigriso

A classic by Meilland's production, the Baronne de Rothschild has a purple-solferino colour with silvery strokes at the outer edge and a typical fragrance of rose of May. A Romantic Rose with large blooms (12 cm in dameter), the corollas are spiralled and filled with 40 purple-solferino petals with a silvery underside, donating an original look to the plant. Grows up to about 80-90 cm and is quite disease-resistant. The dark green foliage makes a great backdrop to the bright pink blooms.

Baronne de Rothschild ® - Meigriso
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Baronne de Rothschild ® - Meigriso Meilland The Baronne de Rothschild is a Romantic Rose with a unique charm thanks to its gorgeous purple blooms: a real classic by Meilland. For the colour of the blooms and the elegance of the plant this is one of the most appreciated roses to decorate the garden.
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