Belle Romantica ® - Meigapencey romantic rose

Belle Romantica ® - Meigapencey

Meilland's new entry for the 2013-2014 season, this rose surprises for the delicate pastel pink-light apricot colour of its bloom, and the scent, equally charming, is of rose of May.

The Belle Romantica is able to blend all the beauty of the soft-coloured Romantic Roses with the features of modern roses like the excellent disease-resistance and the generous bloomings. The grows bushy to a height of 60-90 cm and spreads up to 30-70 cm with a very ornamental and vigorous dark green foliage. The blooms are one per stem, have a diameter of about 11 cm and are filled with 65 petals that form an enclosed and awesome corolla. The colour and fragrance give a unique charm to this rose , that is suitable to be cultivated in bushes but can also be used to create bunches of flowers.

Belle Romantica ® - Meigapencey
Rose name Breeder Description
Belle Romantica ® - Meigapencey Meilland The Belle Romantica belongs to the Hybrid Tea group and is well-known among the Romantic Roses due to its soft pastel colour and the majestic and pure look of the petals.
Price Weight
13,20 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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