Coral Lions-Rose® - Romantic Rose

Coral Lions-Rose®

This rose variety blooms in small clusters with old-fashioned, double, cupped flowers, 8 cm in diameter, with petals that blend with apricot, orange and pink colours. Delicately scented, it is very re-flowering and disease resistant; in 2020 it obtained the prestigious ADR - Anerkannte Deutcher Rose- award. It grows upright and well-bushed up to 80 cm in height and 50 cm in width. Can be grown in pots. Introduced by Kordes Rosen in 2019, it is part of the Fantasia® collection. It has won several international awards: in 2019 it won the first prize in Lyon, Gold medal in Le Roeulx and the title of most beautiful rose for the public; in 2020 the Gold medal at the Kortijk competition, Gold medal in Warsaw and the Public's prize. Since 2002, Kordes Rosen, in cooperation with the Elmshorn Lions Club, has raised several hundred thousand of euros for various charitable projects by donating part of the proceeds from the sale of the Lions-Rose®; from 2019, it wishes to continue this cooperation with a new rose: the Coral Lions-Rose®.

Coral Lions-Rose®
Rose name Breeder Description
Coral Lions-Rose® Kordes Fragrant, apricot-orange floribunda rose, re-flowering and very resistant to diseases.
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13,20 2,5 kg

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