Dioressence eldior romantic rose

Dioressence eldior

A classy rose by the hybridizer Delbard. Its bloom is large, double, filled with 26-40 deep-lilac petals that have light crimson underside; blooms repeatedly throughout the season. Grows as a nice bush to a height of 80-90 cm and a width of 60 cm; the foliage is healthy, glossy green. It exhales a strong fragrance of geranium, musk and wood, for this reason it has been dedicated to the well-known fragrance of the couturier Christian Dior.

Dioressence eldior
Rose name Breeder Description
Dioressence eldior Delbard The Romantic Rose Dioressence is a reblooming variety with a bushy habit that displays big double blooms with a lilac colour and a strong scent.
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