Hans Gönewein Rose ® romantic rose

Hans Gönewein Rose ®

Small buds open up blooms that are rounded, very full, candy-pink in colour and not too large (5-8 cm in diameter). The plant grows to a height of 120 cm and is quite disease-resistant towards pests and diseases that usually affect rosebushes. This elegant and fascinating rose blooms repeatedly and is suitable to be cultivated in gardens or flowerbeds in small groups but ca also be easily pot-grown. Gold Medal in Baden-Baden 2005 and ÖRP in Baden.

Hans Gönewein Rose ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Hans Gönewein Rose ® Tantau Rosen If you wish to give colour and liven up your house's garden the Hans Gönewein Rose is a Romantic Rose with a bushy habit that could definitely be a perfect solution to bring a touch of happiness in the garden!
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