Henry Delbard® DELclaudibi - Romantic rose

Henry Delbard® DELclaudibi

The flowers remind of ancient roses, very double, full, cupped, 9-10 cm in diameter, composed of almost 40 petals with a colour that is a mixture of orange-pink, orange and apricot while, the outside of the flower is often cream and pink. Intensely scented; it reblooms well; grows vigorous, healthy, bushy, reaches 100 cm in height by 60 cm in width. Dense dark green foliage, cut flowers have a long vase life. Selected by Delbard in 2010 but introduced in 2018, it won the 2015 fragrance award at the Madrid competition. Henry Delbard® for strength, scent and flowering is one of the favorite roses of the Delbard breeder.

Henry Delbard® DELclaudibi
Rose name Breeder Description
Henry Delbard® DELclaudibi Delbard Magnificent orange-coloured romantic rose, very fragrant, re-flowering; ideal for cutting
Price Weight
12,90 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri