Mademoiselle Meilland® Meinostair romantic rose

Mademoiselle Meilland® Meinostair

An Old style and Romantic rose that is highly disease-resistant and with a large boom (13 cm in diameter) that is double, cupped, with a petal count of 68, pink-coloured with shades of orange, excellent for cutting and with an intoxicating fruity fragrance. Repeat-flowering, grows compact to a height of 100 cm and spreads up to 50 cm. A new entry by Meilland for the 2016 season, this rose has won the Piaget trophy in Monaco in 2016 and the prize for the Best Fragrant and Best Hybrid Tea rose at the La Tacita trials (Rieti) in 2017.

Mademoiselle Meilland® Meinostair
Rose name Breeder Description
Mademoiselle Meilland® Meinostair Matthews A fragrant Hybrid Tea rose with an orange-shaded pink colour; very disease-resistant.
Price Weight
12,90 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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