Ruban Rouge® Meiprehmyr romantic rose

Ruban Rouge® Meiprehmyr

A rose with a powerful large bloom, 12 cm in diameter, cupped and filled with 78 crimson red petals that exhale a strong fruity fragrance. Highly disease-resistant and reblooming, grows vigorous with arched stems to a height of 100-120 cm and a width of 80 cm; the foliage is glossy dark green. Created by Meilland in 2012 and dedicated to the red ribbon, a symbol for the solidarity of people living with AIDS; it has achieved the perfume prize at the Monaco trials in 2016, an award in Baden-Baden in 2015 and a mention to merit in Hradec Kralové in 2014.

Ruban Rouge® Meiprehmyr
Rose name Breeder Description
Ruban Rouge® Meiprehmyr Meilland A crimson red Romantic Rose with a deep fragrance, reblooming and disease-resistant.
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