Botticelli ® - Meisylpho shrub rose

Botticelli ® - Meisylpho

The delicate pink hues of this rose and the charming form of its blooms are worthy of the beauties painted by the 16th century Italian artist from which this plant takes its name. The soft corollas have a petal count of 50-55 and grow in bouquets of 3-5 per stem. The plant has a dense and dark green foliage and grows compact and well branched up to a height of 70-80 cm. The flowers are big (10 cm in diameter), bloom repeatedly and are suitable to be grown in bushes and borders. Excellent disease and pest-resistance and highly weather-resistant. It has achieved several awards: Gold Medal in The Hauge and Bagatelle, and Golden Rose in Geneve.

Botticelli ® - Meisylpho
Rose name Breeder Description
Botticelli ® - Meisylpho Meilland One of the main features of the Botticelli rose is its high pest and disease-resistance and its ability to recover quickly from any disease.
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