Cumbaya® - Shrub Rose

Cumbaya® - MEIzabo

Simple, flat flower, diameter 3-4 cm, composed of 5 dark pink petals with a light shade and a white central eye. The back is white and the yellow stamens are visible. They are carried in clusters of 3-7 flowers on the neat stems. The plant grows compact reaching 60-70 cm in height and 100 cm in width. Very resistant to diseases and an exceptional repeat flowering habit. In 2000 Meilland introduced it to the market as the ideal rose for rock gardens, over time Cumbaya® has proved to be optimal for any garden, even for growing in pots. The foliage is small, dark green. In 1998 it won the gold medal in the Monza competition for roses.

Cumbaya® - MEIzabo
Rose name Breeder Description
Cumbaya® - MEIzabo Meilland Very disease resistant and repeat flowering rose; in pink / white color, also suitable for pots or large containers
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6,80 1,8 kg

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