La Sevillana Plus shrub rose

La Sevillana Plus

A rose selected with the intent to increase even more the best features of the highly renowned La Sevillana shrub rose. For the type of bloom, resistance and repeat-flowering ability it resembles more to the Knock Out than to its famous parent...but this makes it an even more outstanding rose considering the excellent qualities of the Knock Out. Its blooms are semi-double with a deep-red, velvety colour, a petal count of 6, repeat-flowering, healthy and vigorous. The foliage is dark green, nearly persistent. More well-balanced and compact than the La Sevillana (that tends to grow long and unpleasant new shoots), grows to a height of 80-100 cm.

La Sevillana Plus
Rose name Breeder Description
La Sevillana Plus Meilland The La Sevillana Plus is a shrub rose that enhances the best features of the closely related La Sevillana.
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6,80 1,8 kg

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