Neon shrub rose


The Neon is a beautiful shrub rose that produces blooms with a very peculiar crimson-pink colour. The Neon grows to a height of 60-80 cm and blooms from Spring onwards. The bloom has an intense pink colour, with a petal count of 30-35 and a diameter of 9-10 cm, it's double and cupped. This shrub rose is highly disease-resistant, nearly thornless, grows upright and well-branched to a height of 50-80 cm with a velvety, large foliage. It has won the Gold Medal in Paris and Hradec and the Silver Medal in Kortijk in 2004; Certificate award in Den Haag 2004.

Rose name Breeder Description
Neon Kordes Rosen The Neon variety is a disease-resistant shrub rose, repeat-flowering and with a deep-pink colour.
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