Pink Drift® MEIjocos - Shrub rose

Pink Drift® MEIjocos

Simple flowers arranged in 2-3 per stem with a diameter of 5 cm and composed of 5 deep pink petals fading to creamy-yellow towards the center. Very re-flowering and resistant to diseases, it grows compact up to 50 cm in height and 60 cm in width; it has semi-dull dark green foliage. Ideal for both compact borders and planters, it was selected by Meilland in 2009 and won the First Prize at the Bagatelle (Paris) and Le Roeult competitions.

Pink Drift® MEIjocos
Rose name Breeder Description
Pink Drift® MEIjocos Meilland A rose with a compact growth, re-flowering and with pink flowers with a yellow center; disease-resistant
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