Sweet Haze® - Shrub rose

Sweet Haze®

Simple, flat flower, 7 cm in diameter, composed of 7 pink petals with visible orange stamens; the intensity of the pink of the petals takes on different shades depending on the age of the flower. Very re-flowering and resistant to diseases, the flower lends itself to attracting beneficial insects (bees). It grows well branched up to 90 cm in height and 50 cm in width. The branches are almost devoid of thorns; leathery foliage, healthy glossy green, with attractive fall color; produces rose hips, self-cleaning variety. Selected by Rosen-Tantau in 1997 it was introduced in 2002. In 2002 it won the Silver Medal at the Baden-Baden competition; ADR (prestigious German award for disease resistance and flowering) in 2004; Certificate of Merit in Glasgow in 2007; Rose of the Year 2008 RHS (Great Britain) in the competition of the Royal Horticultural Society and the Royal National Rose Society.

Sweet Haze®
Rose name Breeder Description
Sweet Haze® Tantau Rosen Pink ground cover rose, re-flowering, very resistant to diseases; attracts beneficial insects
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