Aspirin Rose shrub rose

Aspirin Rose

The Aspirin Rose has full blooms with a diameter of 5-7 cm and are displayed in a white-coloured rich bouquet with streaks of light pink; self-cleaning. Grows compact with vigorous, spreaded shoots that don't however exceed a height of 60-70 cm. The foliage is dense, light green. One of the best roses for borders, highly disease-resistant and repeat-flowering, it has achieved the highly coveted ADR award in 1997, it has also won the Gold Medal in Barcellona, the Silver Medal in Baden-Baden, the Toprose in Den Haag and finally the Bronze Medal in Japan.

Aspirin Rose
Rose name Breeder Description
Aspirin Rose Tantau Rosen The Aspirin Rose is one of the most cultivated and widespread shrub roses thanks to its hardiness and the beauty of its white blooms.
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