Ali Baba ® - Climbing rose

Ali Baba ® CHEwalibaba

Ali Baba®, also known by the name of Schloss Bad Homburg®, is a hardy climber with a strong perfume. The double, cupped, ruffled flowers are apricot with pink and orange hues. It grows vigorous and healthy, very resistant to diseases, up to over 250 cm in height; the foliage is dark green, opaque. Selected by Warner in 2006, it has obtained numerous international awards: 2007 Gold medal at the Gold Standard trials; 2008 first prize and best perfume at the Lyon competition; 2011 best climber in the international competition of "Tenuta la Tacita" - Rieti-; 2015 best fragrance in the competition of The Hague - Holland-

Ali Baba ® CHEwalibaba
Rose name Breeder Description
Ali Baba ® CHEwalibaba Warner Apricot coloured climbing rose, fragrant, repeat flowering and disease resistant.
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