Double Delight ® - Aroclidd climbing rose

Double Delight ® - Aroclidd

A climbing rose with a big multicolour bloom (12 cm in diameter), the center of the corolla is of a light yellow colour with shades of cream that turn to light-red towards the edges of the petals. The petals are 35-45, slightly corrugated, and fill a rounded corolla that exhales a slightly spicy fragrance. The foliage is olive-green and the plant grows to a height of 3 meters, especially in warmer climates. An excellent climber that thanks to its hardiness and vigour is especially suitable to be grown next to walls, arches and trellises.

Double Delight ® - Aroclidd
Rose name Breeder Description
Double Delight ® - Aroclidd Swim The Double Delight is a charming climber thanks to its peculiar red and white colour.
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