Andre Le Notre ® - Meilinday climbing rose

Andre Le Notre ® - Meilinday

One of the most beautiful and appreciated climbing roses of Meilland, with a light pink colour and a darker center, that can reach a height of 2,5 meteres. The blooms are cupped, 13 cm in diameter, with a petal count of 60-65, strongly scented. A romantic rose with an Old Garden Rose look, that can develop up to 3 blooms per stem. The light pink colour and the strong scent make this climber an excellent choice for walls and fences, as a plus, it blooms generously until the first frost and is highly disease-resistant.

Andre Le Notre ® - Meilinday
Rose name Breeder Description
Andre Le Notre ® - Meilinday Meilland The Andre Le Notre - Meilinday is a very romantic rose with a pink colour, capable of growing to a remarkable height.
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13,70 2,5 kg

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