Barock ® climbing rose

Barock ®

A peculiar climbing rose with colours ranging from apricot, through pink to shades of yellow. The blooms are medium-big (9-10 cm) and displayed in flushes with a slight scent of citrus. The petals curving backwards give a rounded shape to the corolla, and make this fascinating climber an excellent choice to be grown solitary along arches, walls, trellises and pergolas. It grows to a height of 250-300 cm, and thanks to the peculiar colour of the blooms and a considerable vigour, this rose is an elegant choice for any external location. As a plus, this climber has a good disease-resistance and a nice fragrance.

Barock ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Barock ® Tantau Rosen The Barock is a climbing rose highly appreciated thanks to the generous bloomings and the delicious citrus fragrance.
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