Della Balfour Harblend climbing rose

Della Balfour Harblend

Enchanting pointy yellow buds with shades of orange open up in double blooms with a diameter of 12 cm, cupped and with a petal count of 17-25, with a pink-shaded, apricot-yellow colour. Strongly scented and repeat-flowering, this rose has a glossy dark green foliage; can be grown as either a climber (height of 250 cm and spread of 150 cm), or as a bush, thanks to the significant branching from the base. Selected by Harkness in 1994 it is also known with the name of Royal Pageant.

Della Balfour Harblend
Rose name Breeder Description
Della Balfour Harblend Harkness Magnificent yellow climbing rose with a sharp scent.
Price Weight
13,70 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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