Millamy® Dallamy climbing rose

Millamy® Dallamy

Medium-sized blooms that grow in clusters, with ruffled petals that make it resemble a peony. Thanks to the nice crimson pink colour and the strong fragrance this rose has won the Fragrance Award at the international trials in Rome 2015. Very healthy and repeat-flowering, grows arched up to a height of 250 cm and spreads up to 200 cm. It has been selected recently in Italy by Davide Dalla Libera.

Millamy® Dallamy
Rose name Breeder Description
Millamy® Dallamy Novaspina The Millamy is a crimson-pink climber, very fragrant and healthy and with old-fashioned blooms.
Price Weight
13,70 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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