Costance Spry ® English rose

Costance Spry ®

The Costance Spry is one of the most beautiful shrub roses, with light pink blooms that have an old rose style and are really big (10 cm in diameter and more than 30 petals) with an unparalleled splendor. The double, cupped, globular blooms will flower generously only once in the season and have a fragrance of myrrh. An excellent climber, can exceed a height of 3 meters and a spread of 200 cm.

Costance Spry ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Costance Spry ® David Austin This has been the first English rose selected in 1961 by David Austin. The Costance Spry features big, old style blooms with a light pink colour. It has a strong fragrance.
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