Fighting Temeraire® Austrava English rose

Fighting Temeraire® Austrava

Large, semi-double blooms with a diameter of 11 cm and filled with 12 apricot-coloured petals are displayed in bunches on a healthy and vigorous bush. Repeat-flowering and slightly fragrant, its leaves are at first reddish, just like the young buds, but later in the season turning to a nice glossy green; grows rounded to a height and spread of 120-130 cm; can be grown as a small climber. Selected by David Austin in 2011 and is an excellent choice for borders in the garden.

Fighting Temeraire® Austrava
Rose name Breeder Description
Fighting Temeraire® Austrava David Austin A proudly growing bush with apricot coloured blooms, healthy and vigorous: cannot miss in your garden!
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