Lady of Shallot - Ausnyson English rose

Lady of Shallot - Ausnyson

Disease-resistant and reblooms well, this English rose variety is one of the best roses selected by David Austin. The apricot-orange blooms have a gold-yellow underside and are medium, full, globular, filled with more than 41 petals and with a diameter of 7-8 cm. The Leaves are semi-glossy dark green; grows quickly as a slightly arched medium bush to a height of 110-120 cm. It's very disease-resistant; the fragrance is strong, with hints of apple and cloves. It has been awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society with the Garden of Merit Award.

Lady of Shallot - Ausnyson
Rose name Breeder Description
Lady of Shallot - Ausnyson David Austin The Lady of Shallot - Ausnyson is a stunning English Rose that is especially suited to create floriferous hedges that will enhance the beauty of a terrace or garden.
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