Sophy's Rose® - AUSlot - English rose

Sophy's Rose® - AUSlot

Double, rosette-shaped flower, 13 cm in diameter, composed of 41-50 pink-purple petals small in the center but they increase in size in degrees so that the outermost are large enough to have large and flat blooms. Delicately scented, it is reblooming. It grows upright, thick, compact and wavy up to 130 cm in height and 120 in width. Disease resistant; it has elongated foliage. Selected by David Austin in 1997, named after the daughter of the founder of the Dyslexia Institute, it is well suited to growing in pots.

Sophy's Rose® - AUSlot
Rose name Breeder Description
Sophy's Rose® - AUSlot David Austin Pink-purple English rose, fragrant, re-flowering; suitable for cultivation in pots
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16,70 2,5 kg

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