Susan William Ellis® Ausquirk English rose

Susan William Ellis® Ausquirk

This English Rose is extremely healthy and with an intense fragrance. Its blooms are double, displayed in bunches, 6 cm in diameter and filled with 140 pure white ruffled petals. Winner of the fragrance award in Belfast 2010, the Susan William Ellis is a rose created by David Austin in 2005 and highly recommended; it has an incredibly long blooming season; extremely disease-resistant, grows bushy and upright to a height of 120 cm and a width of 90 cm. Suitable for borders, but can also be pot-grown.

Susan William Ellis® Ausquirk
Rose name Breeder Description
Susan William Ellis® Ausquirk David Austin Healthy and reblooming, an excellent English Rose with a pure white colour.
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16,70 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri