Wildeve - Ausbonny English rose

Wildeve - Ausbonny

The blooms of this rose are pink with apricot brush strokes, quartered, in a rosette form, 7-8 cm in diameter and filled with 41 petals, blooms generously. The fragrance is delicate and it grows slightly arched, bush and well-branched to a height of 100 cm. The leaves are large, semi-glossy dark green. Thanks to its hardiness and strenght it can bloom well even in the harshest conditions. It has been awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society with the Garden of Merit Award.

Wildeve - Ausbonny
Rose name Breeder Description
Wildeve - Ausbonny David Austin The Wildeve - Ausbonny rose is a strong and healthy variety that blooms generously with pink flowers streaked with apricot; the fragrance is pleasant.
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