Patrick Poivre D’Arvor floribunda rose

Patrick Poivre D’Arvor

A unique dark red colour, streaked with pink and white hues that define the base of the petals and enhance the yellow stamens of the clustered blooms of this bushy rose. Clusters of 6-15 small open flowers (5 cm in diameter), with a petal count of about 14, stand out from the glossy green and very ornamental foliage. Grows bushy to a height of 40-70 cm and is a perfect choice to create borders and to cover the ground of your garden: this rose variety has indeed an excellent disease and weather-resistance.

Patrick Poivre D’Arvor
Rose name Breeder Description
Patrick Poivre D’Arvor Meilland Among the Floribunda roses the Patrick Poivre D'Arvor definitely deserves to be noticed due to its disease-resistance and its beautiful red blooms streaked with white and pink.
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