Alecs Red ® hybrid tea rose

Alecs Red ®

This rose has been selected by Alexander M. Cocker in Scotland in 1970; it's a Hybrid Tea with a beautiful cherry red color and an intense fragrance.

This kind of rose has globular blooms, with buds opening into large 15cm diameter flowers filled with more than 30 petals. It's a repeat flowering rose that grows into a vigorous, upright bush up to 80-90 cm of height and 60 cm of spread. Its dark green foliage provides a nice backdrop to the intense colour of the flowers. Good resistance to disease.

Alecs Red ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Alecs Red ® Cocker The Alecs Red rose has been selected in 1970 by Cocker. It's a Hybrid Tea with a strong fragrance and a cherry-red colour. Ideal for decorations.
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