Elle ® Meibderos hybrid tea rose

Elle ® Meibderos

The Elle rose is a Hybrid Tea selected by Meilland, with a strong fragrance and a big double bloom (13cm in diameter) that has 50-55 high-centered petals ; the colour is peculiar: shifts between pink, ochre, yellow, orange and apricot. Grows as a compact bush up to a height of 90-100cm. The plant is healthy and blooms repeatedly throughout the season, the leaves are dark green, glossy and large. It has achieved the fragrance award in Bagatelle and Tokyo and also the AARS (All American Rose Selection), the highest achievement for a rose in the USA.

Elle ® Meibderos
Rose name Breeder Description
Elle ® Meibderos Meilland The Hybrid Tea rose Elle has big, double flowers with pink hues that shade to yellow, ochre and orange. It blooms repeatedly and is a hardy plant.
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