Louis De Funès hybrid tea rose

Louis De Funès

A rose with big flowers (14 cm in diameter) of a vibrant and joyful orange nasturtium colour, that brings to mind the merriness of the great French entertainer Louis de Funès. The corolla, of a classic and elegant form, has about 20 petals that open up slowly to reveal the graceful shape of the bloom and shininess of the colour. The plant grows upright and vigorous to a height of about 100-110 cm, with a very decorative and glowing foliage. Blooms generously and repeatedly throughout the season with sweet and pleasent scented flowers. Suitable for any use, it has achieved three awards, including the Gold Medal in Geneve and Monza.

Louis De Funès
Rose name Breeder Description
Louis De Funès Meilland The Louis de Funès is a beautiful Grandiflora rose that has brightly-coloured and strong-scented blooms.
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