Sweet Eureka hybrid tea rose

Sweet Eureka

A very special variety, born in 2013, that is highly appreciated for two main features: the beauty of its blooms and the structure of the plant, that is vigorous, hardy and disease-resistant. The corolla has a petal count of 30, of a delicate pastel yellow colour that fades at the edges to a more aggressive crimson pink. The bloom is cupped and large (10 cm in diameter). The plant grows to a height of 70-90 cm and displays a very thick and healthy foliage through which can be seen upright stems with a single bloom each. The fragrance is delightful, light and with spicy notes. Repeat-flowering, has an excellent disease-resistance.

Sweet Eureka
Rose name Breeder Description
Sweet Eureka Meilland One of Meilland's most beautiful and exclusive roses. Discover with us the Sweet Eureka!
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13,20 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri