Charles de Mills - Old rose

Charles de Mills - Bizard Triomphant

Large, full, double, cupped flower, 12 cm in diameter made up of 40 deliciously scented crimson red petals. It has a single abundant flowering in the spring on two-year branches. It grows straight, arched, reaches 150 cm in height and 120 cm in width; the branches are almost thornless, healthy dark green foliage; resistant to diseases, however, it is sensitive to powdery mildew; shade tolerant.

Of unknown origins, the first mentions of "Bizard triomphant" are found in the 1786 catalog of Gottlob Boerner -Dresda. In Germany, "bizard" is a term applied to tulips with striped petals; the term seems to have changed to "bizarre" in subsequent French publications.

The Van Houtte catalog of 1844/45 contains the first mention known as "Charles de Mills".

Charles Mills (Greenwich, 1788 – Southampton, 1826) was an English historian.

Charles de Mills - Bizard Triomphant was awarded the prize of merit by the Royal Horticulture Society RHS.

Charles de Mills - Bizard Triomphant
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Charles de Mills - Bizard Triomphant Gallic rose with a strong fragrance and crimson flowers.
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