Mme Isaac Péreire old rose

Mme Isaac Péreire

Mme Isaac Péreire is a Bourbon rose introduced in France by Margottin in 1881. Its blooms have flashy corollas with a magenta-pink colour, and are 12 cm in diameter, double, quartered, cupped, and filled with more than 55 petals curled backwards at the edge. Extremely fragrant and reblooming, grows as a vigorous shrub of open, arching habit, and can also be trained as a short climber reaching a height of 250 cm and a width of 180 cm. Its leaves are large.

Mme Isaac Péreire
Rose name Breeder Description
Mme Isaac Péreire Margottin Mme Isaac Péreire is an Old Rose with dark pink blooms that exhale an intense fragrance. It's a climbing variety.
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