Albéric Barbier rambling rose

Albéric Barbier

The cream buds with a yellow center fade to white and are 6-7 cm in diameter, semi-double, globular quartered and bloom in clusters that exhale a moderate fragrance of green apple and Tea rose. Blooms generously and sometimes repeats during the season. Grows with few thorns and vigorous to a height of 500-600 cm and a width of 300 cm and is disease-resistant and semi-shade tolerant. The leaves are semi-evergreen and of a nice glossy green. Selected by Barbier in 1900, it has achieved by the Royal Horticultural Society the Award of Garden Merit.

Albéric Barbier
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Albéric Barbier Barbier The Albéric Barbier is a rambling rose that grows vigorous to a height of 500-600 cm and spreads up to 300 cm; its cream-coloured blooms are fragrant and sometimes it repeats flowering during the season.
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