Paul's Himalayn Musk rambling rose

Paul's Himalayn Musk

The blooms are small, 3 cm in diameter, double, flat, with a light pink colour with blends of white and displayed in large clusters. The fragrance is strong, of musk; grows vigorous to a height of 900 cm and spreads up to 400 cm. Even if it is a once-blooming variety, it has been awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society with the Award of Garden Merit for its excellent qualities. It attracts insect pollinators. Selected by Paul in 1916

Paul's Himalayn Musk
Rose name Breeder Description
Paul's Himalayn Musk Paul The Paul's Himalayn Musk is a rambling rose that displays pretty wreaths of pale pink blooms that exhale a strong scent.
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