The rambling rose Veilchenblau - Blue Rambler

Veilchenblau - Blue Rambler

A sarmentose and vigorous climber, nearly thornless, that is an unforgettable sight in Spring when its clusters of fragrant blooms flood the entire plant. The flowers are simple, semi-double, nearly 4 cm in diameter and filled with 10-15 purple petals that get ruffled when aging and are streaked with white in the center and with yellow stamens. Hardy and disease-resistant, grows well in semi-shaded areas where it's possible to better enjoy the dark colour of its blooms; the foliage is glossy light green; grows to a height of 610 cm and a width 300 cm, it's only downside is that it's not a reblooming variety. Created by J.C. Schmidt in 1909.

Veilchenblau - Blue Rambler
Rose name Breeder Description
Veilchenblau - Blue Rambler Schmidt A climbing hybrid of Multiflora with a violet-lilac colour, fragrant and healthy.
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