Candlelight ® romantic rose

Candlelight ®

The beautiful Romantic Rose Candlelight has won the Gold Medal and Golden Rose in Baden-Baden 2002, and truly it's gold the colour that rules in this amazing rose. The nostalgic corollas are large (11-13 cm), very full, with an Old Rose charm and will gift your gardens and flowerbeds with a touch of golden-yellow. Against the backdrop of the dark green foliage, the bloomings of this graceful rose are also deeply scented with an Old Rose perfume. A rose that belongs to the Hybrid Tea group, is disease-resistant and rain-tolerant; grows very strong to a height of 80-100 cm. Suitable to be cultivated in mixed flowerbeds or small groups, can also be used as cut flowers.

Candlelight ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Candlelight ® Tantau Rosen The Candlelight is a beautiful Romantic Rose that belongs to the Hybrid Tea group and displays spectacular blooms of a beautiful deep yellow tint. It's a very fragrant variety.
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