Kordes Jubilee® romantic rose

Kordes Jubilee®

A romantic globular bloom filled with 100-110 yellow-coloured petals with pink edges that blends features of the Old Roses with modern ones; suitable to be pot-grown, blooms solitary on stems that can reach a length of 120-130 cm, with flowers that are cupped, double, large (12-13 cm). Repeat-flowering, softly scented and disease-resistant, grows very bushy with a spread of 60-70 cm. The foliage is semi-glossy and dark green. Hybridized by Kordes in 2003 but introduced only in 2012, it has achieved the Bronze Medal at the Tokyo trials in 2012 and a certificate of merit in Glasgow in 2015.

Kordes Jubilee®
Rose name Breeder Description
Kordes Jubilee® Kordes Rosen A vigorous and fragrant Hybrid Tea rose with a two-coloured yellow and pink bloom.
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